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I don't know, someone must have hit me on the head, because I've never had such a translating-wise prolific day in my life. Either that, or Chii is so cute he inspires me to translate more. ♥

Anyway, anyone else thinks idol mags' titles are sugoi? XDD I wanna meet who thinks them up. The theme was "Adventure". That, and Summer, Summary, the usual stuff. I love it when he talks about himself instead of Ono. ♥

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24 August 2008 @ 12:03 pm
I'm kinda translations happy today :D

Yesterday my friends brought me goods from Summary, which I couldn't attend because I had to come back to Italy on the 2nd, the starting day of Summary D: The pamphlet's so gorgeous *___* I think the interviews are nice too, so here's Chinen's!

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24 August 2008 @ 10:41 am
As quite a lot of people have asked for translations, today I have some time and I'm happy to oblige XD. I think whenever I have time I'll be translating Chinen-related things off the idol magazines. Maybe not the YutoYuri Club on Duet which seems to be translated regularly by konbini, but crosstalks and the other kind of things you usually find on mags.

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23 August 2008 @ 11:24 am
Time for the first of the weekly recap posts!

Nothing this week. In case you don't know yet, Chii is going to star with fellow Hey!Say!JUMP members Yuto, Yamada and Daiki + actors Kamiji Yusuke (♥♥♥ how cute can that man be! /end of personal comment XD) and Mukai Osamu for a weekly drama series, Scrap teacher ~kyoushi saisei~. It's Yuri's first weekly drama series! Details on the dramawiki.

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That's it for today. If I missed something, please let me know in the comments.
20 August 2008 @ 10:48 pm
First, thank you to all the people who have joined this community! ♥ Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

As I've bought 28 official shop pics of Chinen when I was in Japan earlier this month, I thought I'd scan and share them :D
I tried to scan them at the best quality I could, I hope you enjoy them.

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Btw my friends are coming back from Japan and they got me Yuri's Your seed and Summary pics, so I'll be scanning them as well during the weekend ^__^ And I've also got something a bit more rare to scan *whistles*
20 August 2008 @ 12:32 am
Hey!Say!7 - Hey!Say!


Hey!Say! Chinen angle [download]

Hey!Say!JUMP - Ultra Music Power

[download 01 - 02 join with HJsplit]

Hey!Say!JUMP - Dreams Come True


Hey!Say!JUMP - Your seed

20 August 2008 @ 12:07 am
Hey!Say!7 - Hey!Say! - 2007.08.01

01. Hey!Say!
02. Bon Bon
03. I wo kure

Hey!Say!JUMP - "Ultra Music Power" - 2007.11.14

01. Ultra Music Power
02. Star Time
03. Too Shy

Hey!Say!JUMP - "Dreams Come True" - 2008.05.21

01. Dreams Come True
02. Oretachi no seishun (Takaki Yuya)
03. Chance to Change
01. Dreams Come True (original karaoke)
02. Oretachi no seishun (original karaoke)
03. Chance to Change (original karaoke)

Hey!Say!JUMP - "Your Seed" - 2008.07.23

01. Your Seed
02. Bouken rider
03. Your Seed (original karaoke)
04. Bouken rider (original karaoke)

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17 August 2008 @ 07:30 pm
PROFILE - Chinen Yuri

Name: Chinen Yuri
Nickname: Chii
Birthday: November 30th 1993
Birthplace: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture (the central part of Japan, halfway between Tokyo and Osaka).
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: AB-
Family: His father, Chinen Takashi, is a gymnast who even won a bronze medal in the Barcelona Olympic games; his mother is a dance teacher. He also has an older sister he shares a bedroom with.
Height: 150cm [as of August 2008]
Weight: 43kg
Other info: He's left handed. His favourite food is the gyoza his mother makes. He doesn't like bugs, insects or animals very much. He has said that if he had to compare himself to an animal, he'd say a little monkey. He says his treasure is a signed board of his favourite senpai, Arashi's Ono Satoshi, which he managed to catch when Ono threw it to the audience during a concert. His voice is slowly breaking, but it's still the highest in Hey!Say!JUMP. He likes to be spoiled by the older JUMP members, but despite his cute appearance, he's known for being strong-willed and a little poison-tongued.

Chinen, as expected from the son of a gymnast and a dancer, started dancing at the age of 4 and could already do backflips and acrobatics by that age.
On June 7th 2003 he joined Johnny's Jimusho. The reason why he wanted to join is his notorious love for Arashi, in particular for their leader, Ono Satoshi.
He started getting attention as a fresh Jr. His first role was in January 2004 for the mystery stories TV show "Hontou ni atta kowai hanashi", and later that year he was chosen to be the young co-protagonist, alongside superstar Katori Shingo (from SMAP), of the movie "Nin x Nin Ninja Hattori kun", based on a famous manga/anime. Later that year, he also starred in the NHK drama special "Nanako to Nanao" with Aoi Yu. But the Chinen family lived in Hamamatsu so Yuri, even though he was still officially part of the Jimusho, didn't have chance to partecipate in the Jr activities and he didn't appear anywhere for two years.
Finally in January 2007 they moved to Tokyo and Chii reprised his Jr. activities. He was grouped with Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, Kyomoto Taiga, Morimoto Ryutaro and Morimoto Shintaro into J.J.Express Chibikko Team. But they didn't last much as on April 3rd 2007, in a KAT-TUN concert, the temporary unit Hey!Say!7 was announced. Alongside Yuri, the members were Yamada, Yuto, Takaki Yuya and Arioka Daiki. Hey!Say!7 released their only single "Hey! Say!", which topped the August single chart.
At the same time, Yuri was acting as one of the key roles, Akasaka Akira's son in Shonentai's long-running musical "Playzone - Change 2 Chance". In Semtember he also challenged his first voice actor role, dubbing (alongside Tokio's Nagase Tomoya) the animation movie "Sword of the stranger".
Then, on September 21st 2007, Hey!Say!JUMP's debut as a non-temporary unit was announced during a Jr. event in Yokohama. The group includes the original Hey!Say!7 members + Yabu Kota, Yaotome Hikaru, Inoo Kei, Okamoto Keito and Morimoto Ryutaro. They released their first single "Ultra Music Power" in November 14th.

Nin x Nin Ninja Hattori kun (August 2004) as Mitsuba Kenichi
Sword of the stranger (September 2007) as Kotaro (voice dubbing for an animated movie)

Nanako to Nanao ~Ane to otouto ni nareru hi~ [Nanako and Nanao ~the day when they became sister and brother~] SP drama(October 2004) as Yamamoto Nanao
Yukan club episode 2 (October 23rd 2007) as Ryota
1 pondo no fukuin / One pound gospel episode 3 (January 26th 2008) as Yamabuki Yoshihiko
Sensei wa erai! [Great teacher!] SP drama (April 12th 2008) as Umeno Wataru
Scrap teacher ~kyoushi saisei~ [Scrap teacher ~teacher rebirth~] (starting October 2008) as Yoshida Eitaro

Stage plays
Playzone 2007 Change 2 Chance (Summer 2007) as Ken